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Our Mission

Our goal is simple: to provide each and every client a personal financial plan that’s both solid enough and flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Preparing for your future.

We all know it’s important to plan for the future.


Pearson Financial, led by Pam Pearson, works with individuals, families and small business owners.

Pam’s personalized touch makes the process of financial planning an individual experience. Based

on your goals and needs, we create a financial plan together that will help provide peace of mind.

Financial planning is more than saving for the future. We consider your needs, wishes and long-term goals.


You work hard and want the best for your family. Here at Pearson Financial, we can guide you with a plan to help you accumulate and grow your assets, plan for education costs and for your eventual retirement.


Sometimes life can take unexpected turns. We understand that it’s important for you to protect against unforeseen and unwanted financial, physical, or employment setbacks.


We help you see the big picture so that you can create, protect, and pass on assets to your family.

Saving for the future
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