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Financial Services

Pearson Financial Services

Pam understands that you have a lot going on. She’s here to help you figure out how to meet your life goals and to protect your family or business. Pam looks at all aspects of your life, including things you may not have thought about yet.

Cash Flow Planning – Does your monthly budget cover your expenses?

Investment Planning – Do you understand investment strategies? Are you comfortable with them?

Home Ownership Planning - How will you buy your first home? Or move up to a bigger home?

Or downsize when the time is right?

Education Planning - How will you send your kids to college?

Insurance Planning – Are you prepared for unforeseen events?

Income Tax Planning – Have you coordinated your investments with your tax planning to avoid surprises?

Retirement Planning – It’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

Elder Care, Estate Planning & Giving – Are you set with your long-term wishes and legal documents?

Saving for a wedding
Growing your family
The important things...

Why Pearson Financial

Pam gets personal! Her warm, caring approach helps provide the peace-of-mind you want and deserve.


Pearson Financial has worked with many clients over the years. By understanding and serving your needs, Pam is able to help organize your financial life into an efficient and productive process. 

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