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Kyle B. Pearson

Kyle Pearson, Pearson Financial

Kyle Pearsonis the newest member of the Pearson Financial Team. His previous work includes experience at Principal Financial in the area of insurance, as well as commercial real estate for Cushman & Wakefield. Kyle also worked in the restaurant industry where he gained a valuable understanding of customer service.


He received his college degree from The College of Charleston, where he majored in Business Administration. While still in college, Kyle worked in several restaurants, including one with French Master Chef Nico Romo. Later, along with other partners, Kyle created BarFrog, a mobile app that allows customers to open, close and pay a bar or restaurant bill on their mobile device. Kyle also helped a Charleston veteran real-estate maven transition her company to a larger company while still maintaining her independence and style. 


Kyle is an avid reader and can be found at the gym most mornings at 5 am participating in boot camp style classes.

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